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Re: Can't remove cd

Tristan <looner3@qwest.net> writes:

> Whenever I mount a cd using 'settrans -a /cdrom /hurd/isofs
> /dev/hd2', and then try removing the cd using 'settrans -ag /cdrom'
> the cdrom drawer doesn't unlock, thus I usually have to reboot twice
> to remove the cd.

Hmm, try 'settrans -afg /cdrom' (fg means: force, goaway).

> The hurd-cd install guide says to try 'settrans -ag /dev/hd2' but
> that doesn't work either.

This can't work. In GNU/Hurd you always have to operate on the
translated node of the translator you want to operate on. Since you
(probably) installed your isofs translator on /cdrom, you have to
specify that node to remove the translator. Also, hd2 is Grub
notation, not GNU/Hurd notation, so this seems wrong, too.

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