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Re: stat() and its consequences (was: Re: Strange behavior while copying files)

Neal H Walfield <neal@cs.uml.edu> writes:

> Passive translator are connected to the inode.  Thus, if we have two
> hard links to a translator, what is the current working directory?  We
> just do not know.

I agree that makes it harder to do the Right Thing (as well as
figuring out what that is ;-)

> So, in conclusion to fix this, you need to change the interface to
> fshelp_fetch_root to pass a port to the current working directory and
> change a few callers.  Personally, I would welcome this change.

Hmm, now I've tried reading the kode. dir-lookup.c, fetch-root.c and
start-translator-long.c. I figure the "current" directory is the dnp
variable in dir_lookup, right? But I don't understand how the cwd, or
other ports like stdio, are set for the new process.

> You have one of those weird characters in your name and it is messing
> my mutt up.  I always realize after I send a message to you.

Sorry about that. I use the from address "nisse@lysator.liu.se (Niels
Möller)". I find it a little odd that a MUA parses an rfc 822
_comment_ for mail addresses in that way.


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