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Re: A REAL installation opportunity!

On Sat, Aug 11, 2001 at 11:28:25AM -0700, Ted Rolle wrote:
> I inherited an Alpha box with no hard drive.  I'm going to Fry's to get a
> 30-40G HD and a RW CD-ROM drive.
> I'd like to install Hurd on the box.
> Where to from here?
> Do I have to install Linux first?  Can I boot from a floppy and go from
> there (ftp install?)

Unfortunately Hurd does not support Alpha yet. There was an attempt
to port gnumach to Alpha, which would go most of the way to porting
Hurd to that platform. But that project (hurd-alpha on sourceforge)
seems to be dead/stalled for quite some time.

Since you now have the hardware you might want to revive this port.


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