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[ppp] New Release: 20010729

I am very pleased to announce a new snapshot (20010729) of ppp for
GNU/Hurd.  It is available in the usual spot:


I am now confident in its use over a serial line (i.e. we can
successfully negotiate and, given enough time (or two Hurds), we easily
provoke bugs in _hurd_select).  In order to test actually dialing in, I
will need to finish the port to Linux (including fixing the tunnel
driver).  Or, someone else can debug it for me.

Happy hacking.

p.s.  If you are interested in my Internet connection, I am too.  France
Telecom is awful -- beyond being impossible, they want me to use non-free

Here is my question of the month: is France _really_ a first world nation?
If so, how?

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