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Re: Re: Troubles with booting the Hurd.


On Tue, 24 Jul 2001, Brent A. Fulgham wrote:

> > > BTW, I installed Grub onto my /boot partition (from Debian GNU/Linux). My /boot
> > > partition is in etx2 format and 24MBytes in size. It contains my Linux and GNUHurd
> > > kernels. I use the Grub command line to load the Hurd :-D
> >
> > you need to take special considerations if you make a separate /boot paritition.
> > if you use Grub or plan to use it, don't create any /boot partition next time :)
> >
> > The Grub info page explains what you need to do in this situation.
> >
> Please note that I also use a small (50 MB) boot partition, which also
> houses GRUB.  However, I boot the Hurd from its own partition.  This
> works fine, though the directory structure for /boot is a little
> funny (you have to have /boot/boot/grub -- i.e., grub must be placed
> in its own directory called /boot, which must live at the root of
> the file system.)  When you mount /dev/hda1 (or /dev/hd0s1 in Hurd
> talk), you end up with /boot/boot/grub.
> This is all covered in the docs, as has been pointed out.
> -Brent
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