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Re: forwarded message from mouring@etoh.eviladmin.org

Markus Friedl <markus.friedl@informatik.uni-erlangen.de> writes:

> however, i don't want to see a magic numer 401 in openssh's code.

Well, there's already a magic number in the same file (channel.c)
Lines 2271-2273:

	/* Just set DISPLAY to hostname:screen.display */
	snprintf(display, sizeof display, "%.400s:%d.%d", hostname,
		 display_number, screen_number);

It may be good to "#define DISPLAY_MAXHOSTLEN 400" somewhere.

> why not just define MAXHOSTNAMELEN for HURD ?


somewhere in openssh's code would be fine with us. We would like the
other alternatives better, of course.


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