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apt-cdrom patch -- testers wanted

I now have a hopefully clean patch for the apt-cdrom/umount issue. It
is now in <URL:http://pluto.tuwien.ac.at/~robbe/debian/hurd/> Also
available there are patched source and binary packages. The impatient
can go straight to

The changes don't break anything AFAICS, but I couldn't test the cdrom
aspect at all, because I don't have any Debian CDs!

So I'm seeking adventurous people that install a modified apt package,
and try out a few things. The patch adds a new config option
"Acquire::cdrom::UMount". It should default to the right value for the
right platform.

You should have a passive translator on the cdrom node (/cdrom or
whatever) so that mounting will need no special tricks. I'm interested

* Does it work out of the box?
* Does it work if you add
     Acquire::cdrom::UMount "settrans -afg";
  to your /etc/apt/apt.conf?
* What happens if you replace that with a bogus setting?


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