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Re: [nothing]

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001 16:51:08 +0100, Paul Newton <pdn@cableinet.co.uk>  wrote:
> hi there m8
> i have been lookin throgh some ''playstation iso image''sites but none of them have the image to download
> your site looked good so i just wondered if u knew of any good sites where to download psx images from?
> if u do plzz reply to pdn@cableinet.co.uk

where do you think you are? this is the GNU (Hurd) mailing list. Debian GNU (Hurd) is an operation system
for the i386 platform and it doesn't run on playstation.

But you're welcome to try it on a PC though. It works fine.

Robert Millan               Debian GNU (Hurd) user
zeratul2 wanadoo es  http://getyouriso.org/

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