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Re: Fw: It seems lost something for installing hurd on a debian box recently.............

On Fri, Jul 06, 2001 at 01:31:33AM +0800, .F$=/q wrote:
> Hello,gurus
> I have a debian box ,and I want to install a hurd system on it.
> By the easy guide ,I used cross-install and got an error message about
> the miissing of needed pacakges like dpkg-mountable ..etc
> Is it meaing that I have install the hurd base system with F2 CDs?
> Or the packages will come back in a short time?
> Thanx!! Soory of my stupid questions.

IIRC, the easy guide mentions installing from a tarball as well.  Do
that: it's fast, easy, and works the first time. =)

Jeff Bailey

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