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busybox on the Hurd

I had a recent discussion(1) on the busybox mailing list regarding using autoconf tools with busybox. My intent was to make it easier to build busybox under the Hurd,

There isnt much support for autoconf type tools amoungst busybox developers, instead it looks likely that after the next busybox release busybox will work towards using CML1 in its build system which will have options to build for specific OS's.

Im prepared to do a source NMU of busybox in the meantime, that is if there is interested in getting a Hurd package of the current busybox version and i get the ok by Erik (busybox's official maintainer), so if tis wanted let me know


(1) http://opensource.lineo.com/lists/busybox/2001-June/003745.html

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