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Re: Debhelper: Do not upgrade

On Sun, Jun 10, 2001 at 11:57:27PM -0700, Jeff Bailey wrote:
> if (-e $varname) should test for the existance of a file, yes?

yes (-e $varname) will do the test

> perl 5.6.1-3 appears to be returning true when $varname is blank.  I get this theory because in verbose mode:

must return and always returns false when $var is undef (worksforme perl 5.6.1)

>         my $substvars=pkgfile($package,"substvars");
>         if (-e $substvars) {
>                 complex_doit("cat $substvars >> debian/${ext}substvars.debhelper");
>         }

you can rewrite in a more syntethic way by
complex_doit("cat $substvars >> debian/${ext}substvars.debhelper") if (-e $substvars);
(-e $substvars) && complex_doit("cat $substvars >> debian/${ext}substvars.debhelper");
Yves Duret
On ne dérange pas un ours qui dort

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