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Re: Hurd Orientation

I think everyone who is interested in making the informational resources
more helpful ought to get on the web-hurd@gnu.org mailing list and
concentrate on unifying the various efforts into a cohesive presence on the
web and the mailing lists.  There have been a lot of folks pitching in, but
we can certainly use someone to declare themselves web czar and start
kicking ass as to organization of all the information that's floating
around.  If people get active on this, we can give you all the resources
you need, i.e. hook you up with admin access for the web sites and the
help-hurd mailman admin so you can set up things like the new-subscriber
and periodic automatic postings.  (I can't speak to how the debian lists
are handled, but all this stuff is easy for me to do on the gnu.org end.) 

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