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Re: interrupting a process at console

This happens in single user mode for some reason.  Reboot without the
-s after the gnumach line.

If that doesn't do it, there's something wrong with your install, and
you need to give us some bootup error messages.

On Wed, Jun 06, 2001 at 06:56:13AM +1000, Aquila wrote:
> Hi, I've just installed Debian/Hurd, following the "easy guide"...
> everything seems to be working, except when I run something (e.g. ping)
> and I want to ^C it, it doesn't work? In fact all of the "usual" Linux
> control codes (^C, ^Z, ^S, ^Q, etc.) doesn't seem to work on the Hurd
> console. What do I press to interrupt a running process?
> Thanks a lot,
> Ian.
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