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Turtle pages updated

A couple changes on the autobuilder fronts:

o In preparation for my move to the US, Marcus has begun handling
Non-US builds.  Those will no longer be visible on my page.

o To allow me to shuffle machines around, I am consolidating turtle
and turtle1.  The names also annoyed me, and I had the same package on
both turtles in a number of cases.  The turtle is now called 'oasis'
to reflect the machine it runs on.

The new web page is at http://people.debian.org/~jbailey/oasis/

I generally prefer to keep my home machine named oasis, so I'd like
suggestions for a name for a dedicated turtle system.  The problem is
that turtles live *everywhere*.  Does anyone know where big and fierce
turtles live?

o The newest version of the turtle allows me to manage drive space
even better, and report the debian-installer packages.  Right now:

There are 302 packages in this group. 51 packages are out of date, and
need to be updated. 25 packages are missing from the binary archive.

I'd like to see that up to 500 packages in the group by next Sunday.
Anyone willing to help?  Let's get all of the obscure packages that
should be easy to build or fix.  Just make sure you announce anything
you're working on here.  

If you're reporting bugs, please mark them as severity important and
send the bug # to this list.

Questions?  Comments?

Jeff Bailey

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