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Hurd packages


Would some kind hacker would produce a script which would do something
like this:-

Script looks at "app-list", and finds "foo"  and then looks at "full-list"
and finds "foo.doc" and prints "foo.doc" to "doc.list".

Problem, apt does not seem to be acting on "Suggests: " when it is
including packages, and not all packages make this link between the
application and its documentation. The net result is that the hurd-main CD
does not have enough documentation.  Another bright idea is heading for
the rubbish tin.

Some probably useless statistics
Total packages  	2441
hurd-i386.deb's		 583  (the deb's in ../binary-hurd-i386 were
		included despite not being named *hurd-i386.deb - grrrr)
			The alpha.gnu.org packages were nicely named.

When the hurd-i386.deb list is combined with the ../dpkg/info listings
people sent me and used as an inclusion list, the first CD ends up with
703 packages. No exclusion list was used.


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