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Xterm library failure...

Thanks for the help before with the Perl and libc issue. I seemed to
kick off an interesting topic :-) I am still learning about the HURD
and am having to "unlearn what I have learned" from Linux and not take
things like ldconfig for granted :-) From what I gather from the
discussion that followed all binaries should know in which paths to
look automatically without having to query a hints file?

I resolved most dependancy issues by avoiding the use of dpkg directly
and going through apt-get. I have installed xterm and other relevant
libraries however the xterm binary is looking for libXaw.so.7 which
despite happily residing in (/usr)/X11R6/lib doesnt get seen. 
Is there an deb-src equivalent I can stick in my apt sources files so
I can try and poke around the src myself? 

Thanks for your help



Neil Levine				http://www.yoyo.org

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