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Re: Where can I get Hurd CD-ROMs?

On Friday 27 April 2001 20:10, Johannes Rohr wrote:
> Dear all,
Moin, moin!

> I'd like to try out Debian GNU/Hurd once again to see what has changed since
> one year ago. Unfortunately I only have a 33.6 modem so I cannot even
> think of downloading ~1 gig of ISO images.
> Therefore I'd like to ask if anyone on the list has a spare set of
> current Hurd CD-ROMs that s/he could send me. I'm of course willing to
> refund your expenses. I live in Germany, near Cologne. 
> Thanks in advance,
There was a distribution in one and XFree in another issue of the magazine 
FreeX, you might wish to check them out.


Ulrich Eckhardt

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