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Re: Woody release?

On Mon, Apr 16, 2001 at 11:44:03AM +0000, Philip Charles wrote:

> > Jeff Bailey wrote:
> > > What would it take for hurd-i386 to participate in the woody release?
> > 
> > At least: Having a `testing' distribution, like the released architectures.
> Please, please!

Well, if I meet my goal of building all packages in a timely manner
within a month, how would I get us into testing?

> > Also, every required dummy package from alpha.gnu.org should be moved to
> > ftp.debian.org, or (alternatively) the problems they solve should be
> > solved by other means.

> Off the top of my head,

> HDD partitioning tools
> cdrom part of apt working
> Using a Hurd ramdisk for the installation. (Nice, but not vital)
> Working df
> Fully functional dselect?
> Task packages for the Hurd?
> 	Stopping here, getting depressed.

How much of this is critical for a release?  (knowing that a release
is a year away) I realize that the stable release is supposed to be
good and 'perfect', but I'm sure (with focus) in a year we could have
the cdrom part of apt, and the HDD partition tools.

I've never used dselect (I always abort at that part of the install
and apt only the packages that I need), what's broken?

What needs to be done on task packages?  I don't know anything about this.

Jeff Bailey

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