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Re: More turtle info...

On Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 03:33:49PM +0200, Erik Verbruggen wrote:

> > > db - This broke in the last version - I think their looking for
> > > profiles C libraries.  Check the build log.
> > 
> > db is obsolete, the source package is called db2 now. The changelog
> > includes:
> > 
> >    * Get rid of the profiling libraries in the -dbg package
> > 
> > So updating to db2 will perhaps magically solve all problems <knock on
> > wood>.
> db3 is out, so you might want to use that. Or not. Anyway, it might be
> good to add it to the building procedure.

Hmm - I thought I did build that.  Maybe it was only in one of my tests.

The problem is that db hasn't been obsoleted by another package, so it
should probably still be built. 

Besides, the *previous* release built fine.  =(

Jeff Bailey

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