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NTP + Build updates

I had a small snag building packages, and I tracked it down to clock
skew between my Linux partition and my Hurd partition.  So, on alpha
you'll now find 'ntp' and 'ntpdate'.  I have placed these on alpha,
because there were source modifications required to make it work.  I
have filed 2 bugs: 90969 (configure.in wants non-existant autoconf),
and 90974 (Patches required for compiling on hurd-i386).

When these have been taken care of, I will build them at place this
in the main archive.

There is a small snag: After I reboot, it appears to set my Hardware
clock to sometime in 1998. (FYI!)  This, however, has fallen into the
"don't know, don't care" category, and someone else is welcome to
troubleshoot that problem. =)

In other news, Marcus put alot of work in the last couple of days into
the autobuilder, one of the most noticable changes is that the web
pages show *alot* more information at a glance.  If you're looking to
do some hacking and aren't sure where to start,
http://people.debian.org/~jbailey/turtle/ is an excellent place to
look for packages to port.  If you don't see something you like on
there, check back in a few days, as I'm slowly adding packes to the

Jeff Bailey

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