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glibc 2.2.2-1 uploaded (-> network ioctls, ifconfig, eventually PPP)


I uploaded glibc 2.2.2-1 packages. They are currently in
http://incoming.debian.org, and will beinstalled with the next dinstall run
if everything goes well. They work fine for me.

>From this version on (with a recent Hurd) we have my network ioctl
implementation available in the Debian package, so play with it.
The following ioctls are implemented:

#define SIOCSIFADDR     _IOW('i', 12, struct ifreq)     /* set ifnet address */
#define SIOCGIFADDR     _IOWR('i',33, struct ifreq)     /* get ifnet address */
#define SIOCSIFDSTADDR  _IOW('i', 14, struct ifreq)     /* set p-p address */
#define SIOCGIFDSTADDR  _IOWR('i',34, struct ifreq)     /* get p-p address */
#define SIOCSIFFLAGS    _IOW('i', 16, struct ifreq_short)/* set ifnet flags */
#define SIOCGIFFLAGS    _IOWR('i',17, struct ifreq_short)/* get ifnet flags */
#define SIOCGIFBRDADDR  _IOWR('i',35, struct ifreq)     /* get broadcast addr */
#define SIOCSIFBRDADDR  _IOW('i',19, struct ifreq)      /* set broadcast addr */
#define SIOCGIFCONF     _IOWR('i',36, struct ifconf)    /* get ifnet list */
#define SIOCGIFNETMASK  _IOWR('i',37, struct ifreq)     /* get net addr mask */
#define SIOCSIFNETMASK  _IOW('i',22, struct ifreq)      /* set net addr mask */
#define SIOCGIFMETRIC   _IOWR('i',23, struct ifreq_int) /* get IF metric */
#define SIOCSIFMETRIC   _IOW('i',24, struct ifreq_int)  /* set IF metric */
#define SIOCGIFMTU      _IOWR('i', 51, struct ifreq_int)/* get IF mtu */
#define SIOCSIFMTU      _IOW('i', 52, struct ifreq_int) /* set IF mtu */
#define SIOCGIFINDEX    _IOWR('i', 90, struct ifreq_int)/* get IF index */
#define SIOCGIFNAME     _IOWR('i', 91, struct ifreq_int)/* set IF name */

A working ifconfig utility is in GNU inetutils CVS version (head branch). To
compile it you need to add it to the top level Makefile.am and conigure.in,
though. It should also be included in the next version of the Debian package
of inetutils.

Try to port other network programs using some of the ioctls above. Let us
know about success and failure.

Interested parties should work on the user space PPP port by Daniel Baumann.
I think there are a few bugs in it, but all Hurd/glibc functionality is
there, so there is no reason to stall user level PPP development any longer.
I think there might be only a few small hops until we can get PPP to the
Hurd, so throw your weight into it if you can. The time has come.


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