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GNUYahoo for Hurd

A very pre version of GNUYahoo is released.
Core developer: 
     Bala <bala@fig.org>
     With Support from:
     Nagappan <nagappan@fig.org>
     K.Visu <kvisu2000@yahoo.com>
     M.P.AnandBabu <ab@gnu-india.org>

By tomorrow Bala will add info file.

I have added the Makefile support (autoconf,automake).
Also I have added support for sending offline
U can download and test this from. 
GNUYahoo is developed under Hurd env. But Still 
we found that GNU/Linux people too should be supported
and hence linux deb and RPMs

GNU Hurd Deb:
GNU/Linux Deb:
GNU/Linux RPM:

I have discontinued the support for ari-yahoo and joined
gnuyahoo. You can expect real enhancements to GNUYahoo
after integration of libGuile. It will happen soon.

Just start the messenger. It will prompt u for Yahoo ID and password.
then press tab twice to see the list of commands supported.
It is powered by readline. So it acts very much like commandline

ab <ab@gnu-india.org>
Inspired by GNU (www.gnu.org)

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