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Re: compiling packages

>>>>> "Roland" == Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com> writes:

    Roland> I believe that refers to the protocol suite more often
    Roland> called SSL.  My guess is that this thing has a configure
    Roland> script that checks for openssl libraries being installed
    Roland> and builds with TLS support only if they are there.

TLS is supersedes SSL.

However, I spotted the line --without-tls, so I guess that is normal.

Back to my original problem: newer versions of openldap do not run
autoconf automatically, so the patched version of configure.in was not
getting used (cthreads.h lives in a different location).

However, updating configure, by running autoconf produces a script
that runs, displays a copyright notice, takes a long time to do
nothing (this isn't a fast computer) and then exits (with a return
code of 0).


sh -x shows no errors.

The only thing that is highly suspicious is configure is 22993 bytes,
while configure.in is 65942 bytes.

It seems like autoconf is broken on the Hurd, but only for openldap
(cyrus-sasl was fine). Really Weird.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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