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Re: Hurd limitations

Marcus Brinkmann wrote: 

> If you'd really want this feature in a filesystem, you'd add another RPC
> which would tell the filesystem server to set itself as the translator on a
> certain node. (Or just pass the port directly). But I don't think it is too
> useful a feature. What's the difference between mounting several times and
> just setting symlinks? [1] [2]

On my linux system, I lost /dev during a disk change because of running
devfs (mounted on /dev) and therefore not being able to copy the
underlying /dev.  This made me unable to boot a non-devfs kernel, as
it was not able to open /dev/console.  Neither could I fix the
underlying /dev, as there were open files in the devfs which stopped me
from unmounting it.

Multiple mounts to the rescue:  I mounted the root fs once more under
itself on /mnt, so that hde5 was both / and /mnt.  Then I could mknod,
MAKEDEV and whatnot in /mnt/dev.

For normal system usage, I'm not sure if multiple mounts are that
useful, though...

ssh -c rot13 otherhost

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