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Re: SysV IPC

On Fri, Feb 23, 2001 at 09:30:11PM -0500, Roland McGrath wrote:
> I don't think anyone has specific plans.  I have thought a bit about
> implementing the SysV SHM interfaces, which would be pretty easy.
> But SysV IPC is another story.  I was not aware that much of anything used
> SysV IPC for actual IPC (as opposed to using to talk to STREAMS modules in
> SysV kernels).  

I came upon jinit (guess what, a makefile-ish type init) on freshmeat
and I decided to see if it would run for Hurd. Compiling it
was easy except for references to msgsnd(), msgrcv(), msgget() and
msgctl(), and mount-unmount type linux system calls. I noticed that
the msg*() routines are part of the SysV IPC API (as described in
SUSv2) but they were not implemented for Hurd.

If it's worth implementing these routines for Hurd, maybe it's time to
try. If not, I'll try to replace those msg*() references in jinit,
by Mach type message passing for Hurd.


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