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require hurd linux CD

Hi Satyavir

satyavir singh writes:
 >    i am a gnuindia maillist member. can u give me some idea,how can I
 > get linux-hurd C.D..
We call it as "The GNU Hurd", I don't know Linux has anything
to with Hurd.

 "All of GNU, as a whole, is the operating system. This includes
 libraries, utilities, programming tools, editors, etc. MACH plus 
 the HURD are the kernel of GNU OS."

 > Everybody says ,linux-hurd is very popular operating
 > system. Can u help me. Sir
Yes, The hurd is gaining its importance rapidly now days.

You can download the CDRONM ISO Images from 

Go to http://gnu-india.org/links.html 

If you are anywhere near Banglore, We will
come to your place and install the Hurd for you.

If you are in New Delhi, We have a team there too.

In BangLinux2001 March 7th 12:15, We are also 
giving a talk on "Hacking GNU OS" - a crash course
for beginners


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