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Re: what is the whole purpose of kernel-image-di?

On Wed, Feb 07, 2001 at 05:07:28PM +1100, Glenn McGrath wrote:
> I just tried compiling stuff by hand for hurd-i386, the following
> components form cvs compile fine
> anna
> cdebconf
> choose-mirror
> main-menu
> udpkg
> wget

Can you compile and upload the packages? There is currently no functional
autobuilder for the Hurd (because of a network server bug).
> I tried dpkg-buildpackage on a couple of these they fail because they
> need debhelper which i couldnt install because it depends on dpkg which
> conflicts with dpkg-hurd, no doubt this is why autobuilders would fail.
> I havent look any deeper yet.

(I saw your other mail where you say dpkg-hurd-dev and dpkg-dev).
dpkg-hurd-dev is long obsolete, using dpkg-dev should work just fine.


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