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Learning the Hurd HOWTO: initial draft for review and suggestions

I have started work on a "Learning the Hurd HOWTO" and wanted some feedback from
the community on what I have so far (only about a page or so).  This also serves
the purpose of announcing my intention to develop this HOWTO and expand it over
time.  I would like to add tutorial style information eventually, creating as I 
learn it myself, with fairly in-depth coverage of the different aspects of 
learning the Hurd.

It currently resides here:

But I will of course move it the gnu.org website when it is ready.

Ognyan Kulev: I would like your permission to use the HTML you created to link
to the separate mailing lists, I will not post to gnu.org until you give me
an ok. :)

 - Michael Oberg

p.s.  One issue I want to address is the separated and sparse information 
regarding the Hurd.  I feel that all information should be concentrated from
the gnu.org website, and adhere to the GNU Foundation's suggestions for
content presentation.  I am willing to help with the gnu.org website as well
if there is a need.

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