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Re: MIG->Corba

> I for one, would be really interested in any moves
> to make Hurd use
> CORBA, since CORBA is a well known standard. (sorry,
> I can't remember
> off-hand: what is MIG? Mach IPC something?)

yes MIG is the Mach Interface Generator , a IDL
compiler for compiling *.defs and produce ipc

>     Mridul> post the topic on bug-hurd@gnu.org so as
> to get input from
> (I am not subscribed to that mailing list though)

It is an excellent mailing list;worth joining:-) 
> I think (from what I have seen on the linux-kernel
> development mailing
> list) that the power of CORBA is that you can use
> any communications
> protocol, not just IIOP.

yes to be precise any communication protocol that is
GIOP compliant.IIOP is a TCP-based implementation of
GIOP.Is is possible to implement GIOP over other
transport protocols as IPX/SPX,NetBEUI as well.
> So, while IIOP might be the best for inter-computer
> communication,
> something else might be more optimal for
> interprocess communication.
> However, IIOP probably is a good starting point.

IPC is faster than vanilla IIOP but then IIOP gives us
excellent flexibility and is a TCP-based
Even if for interprocess communication we use IPC I
would prefer it to be atleast GIOP compliant.However
making IPC, GIOP compliant is a different story
> Multi-language support might already be possible
> with MIG(?), but
> since CORBA is more standard, it is likely to be
> available for more
> languages.

I don't think MIG supports other languages.
> I am not really familiar with these issues, but I
> think it would still
> be worth it even if it led to short term breakage
> and/or
> incompatibilities.

If done properly I think we can avoid the breakage.
But yes I agree that it is  worthwhile effort.
> If you haven't done so already, I would recommend
> you look at the
> ORBit implementation of CORBA. It aims to be a
> small, efficient,
> implementation that has been ported to the Linux
> kernel (some people
> were pushing for CORBA to be used instead of the
> conventional /proc/
> text mode files).

I have looked into ORBIT and that is the ORB/runtime
environment that I am working towards using.While
ORBIT is used in GNOME etc pretty well....some effort
is required for IIOP code generation from MIG IDLs
which is optimized for ORBIT.Once this is done ORBIT
will sync beautifully with Mach/HURD too.


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