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Re: ./configure another error message

> "Petros Sidiropoulos" <pesid@kav.forthnet.gr> writes:
> >  In my  last message I report the errors ./configure produce, it was
that I
> > didn't install libc0.2-dev, However, now the ./configure reports one
> > among success steps, that is:
> > ..........
> > ' Cheching for X ... no
> > configure : error : X window system not found'
> >
> > Can anyone help on this?
> Do you have any xlib6g-dev package installed?

I tried to install xlib6g-dev but there are a lot dependencies that are
missed fom the distribution such as xlibs or i missed something,

> In general, if you want to compile stuff on the system, for each
> package "libfoo" that is installed, you want to have "libfoo-dev"
> installed as well. BTW, is there any easy way to invoke apt or some
> other package tool to make sure that *all* such -dev packages are
> installed?

I wait for the ppp support in order to use apt. Can I use apt to install
packages from the D1 cdrom?

/petros < pesid@kav.forthnet.gr >

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