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Re: Weird networking

On Mon, Jan 15, 2001 at 03:44:49PM -0800, Jeff Bailey wrote:
> With the latest 'hurd' and 'gnumach' package I seem to be having some 
> network weirdness.

I have seen problems with the versions before, too. And they didn't went
away with the latest versions.
> A telnet connection into the system now freezes after a very short period 
> of time (I haven't got a reliable way to check it).  Normally I can't get 
> past a login root and 'ls' before it hangs.  Console access seems fine.  
> Downloading files seems fine.

At university, I had trouble with ftp, which gets stuck often. But http
seems to work better. It's very spurious. But I am not sure what is to
blame. (It would be nice if you could check out and compile an older version
of the Hurd, let's say from August 2000. If you can't, I will compile one
for you. I have to make sure that my load of changes are not to blame here.
I don't think any of them could have such an effect on an existing

> Anyone else seeing this?  (I'd hate to file a bug if I'm just on drugs).

There's certainly some funkiness. But I am not at all sure where to look for
the problem, or even how to debug it.

When it hangs, you could try to attach gdb to pfinet and see if there are
some stuck threads.

I will have a close look tomorrow.


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