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xfce desktop, xforms library

Hi there,

I had some trouble running the xfce desktop version 2.4.
See http://lists.debian.org/debian-hurd-0012/msg00076.html.
This version is based on the xforms
library which currently is not open source. The author of the library, Mr. Zhao, gave me the source 
to compile and test it. I tested with several programs and it works. I do not know whether the xforms
library will become open source , however, I will contact the current maintainer of the Debian
xforms package to include the Hurd run-time libraries.
There are quite a lot of programs that need the xforms library, go to 'http://world.std.com/~xforms'.

Version 2.4 needs this library and I got some hints from Marcus Brinkmann and Roland McGrath.
1. There is no problem with the pflocal server (thanks, Roland)
2. There is no program crash, either (thanks, Marcus)

I could track down the problem to the _xfce_ source. A certain function (never used) caused a 
legal exit of the program. By simply removing a single line I got rid of the problem.

Whoever will use xfce (version 2.4!) and the xforms library, will have to remove the line starting 
with 'fl_add_io_callback...' in file xfce/main.c that calls the 'deadpipe' function.

Now, the latest version of xfce is 3.6.3 that is in the 'unstable' section. This one is based on 'gtk'.
Simply compiling from the Debian source did not work for me. I will try to figure, why.

O. Fourdan, the author of xfce, asked me to test version 3.6.3, since this one has many advantages
over the former version 2.4.

The xfce desktop seems to be a _good_ alternative to KDE or Gnome. See 'http://www.xfce.org'.



Martin Stenzel


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