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Re: cross compile gnumach and hurd

Farid Hajji writes:
 > The biggest problem I encountered in installing a cross-compiled Hurd
 > from FreeBSD was, that mke2fs was not available there and e2fstools
 > contained too many Linux dependencies to be compilable on my box.
 > Strangely, FreeBSD can mount ext2 filesystems, but can't make 'em :-/

FreeBSD can make ufs partitions, and I believe the Hurd can run on
them, although I have only tried accessing ufs partitions from the
Hurd, not booting the Hurd from them.

I have wondered how the Hurd handles passive translators on ufs
partitions, as ext2fs needs to be created with the -O hurd option
in order for passive translators to work.

Jeff Sheinberg  <jeffsh@erols.com>

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