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about apt


I removed the apt binaries and source from alpha.gnu.org. Apt is an
optional part of the system, and alpha.gnu.org was never meant to be a
permanent stage for optional packages. A recent discussion with the
maintainer, Jason Gunthorpe, has not made me confident that the issues
with building apt on the Hurd will be resolved anytime soon.
The bug in question is http://bugs.debian.org/39227

Jason said he checked in a "reasonable fix" to this which "works on
solaris". He didn't send me a patch for this, so I couldn't verify it,
but I didn't ask him about it either.
There are other issues with building apt, for which I sent him a patch
(attached). I didn't hear back about this (yet?).

This is surprising to me, as the issues that need to be fixed to have a
usable apt are very simple. I have not understand what Jasons concern are.
My patience is completely exhausted though, and I am not interested any

Someone else will have to take this up with Jason, or fork an apt-hurd
package, or whatever, or the only version of apt that will be in the Hurd
archive is apt 0.1.9, which is of course as broken on the Hurd as 0.3.19
would be if you were to compile it.


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