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Re: some questions on Hurd

Ulrich Eckhardt <Doomster@knuut.de> writes:

> The thing about the 'doing' is that the hurd.ps is derived from
> hurd.dvi whic in case is (probably) also derived from - well, from
> what?

doc/hurd.texi in the hurd sources.

> Sorry - misunderstanding: DocBook is for extracting documentation
> from sources or headers.

*Confusion alert*

Actually DocBook is a markup language defined in SGML (just like HTML
is). The program that the Linux people use to extract documentation is
probably home-grown and has no name. One could take that and base a
system for the Hurd on it.

> The chance to get someone to document her functions in place is
> much higher than to get him to do it externally.

That's my intuition, too. But only the Hurd developers can give the
definite answer here.


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