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Re: Making an apt-able GNU/Hurd CDROM

On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> Am Don, 02 Nov 2000 03:22:35 schrieb Philip Charles:
> > I see the way forward like this;
> > 1. Boot-floppies.  Good enough.
> > 2. Dselect to be fully functional with a Hurd CD.  Hurd hackers needed.
> dselect is probably okay (I used it often without problems)
> although the one in the experimental dpkg 1.6.999 may be broken.
> What is causing hickups in dselect are the unsatisfied dependencies
> on various linux packages. It's not easy to synchronize ourselve
> to the ever moving Linux target. Those problems are local to individual
> packages and need to be fixed there.

Sounds good.  I need to take a close look at this to ensure that it is OK.
Dselect versions that are linked to apt can have problems with various
access methods, eg it may work over a network, but not access a CD
> > 3. Incorporate the dselect into the tarball.  Marcus.
> Uh, dselect is part of the dpkg package and thus in every tar
> file ever since. Isn't it?
I was meaning an A1 dselect.

> > 8. Release Hurd 0.1 - this could be minimal, but it would work.
> Hurd 0.2 was released 1997. What is needed is Hurd 0.3, but that's the
> Hurd hackers business. What we do is Debian GNU/Hurd, and what we call
> it is "unstable snapshot" or whatever.

OK a Debian CD version of some yet undetermined name.

> > What would be helpful would be another category "Priority: experimental"
> > for unstable/unproved packages.  This would mean that the file system
> > could contain two or more versions of a package, eg "Priority: required"
> > and "Priority: experimental".  This would remove the neccessity of having
> > a frozen file system.  However, this is a policy matter and would need
> > considerable discussion.
> I don't think so. We just need a couple of more people identifying and
> fixing those nasty little dependencies problems and doing more porting.
> BTW, Anthony Towns wrote a lot of scripts to test the consistency of
> the ftp archive. One if these might help us to identify missing or
> conflicting packages. (aj@debian.org)

This is helpful.  I will get onto it.  I realy should not have to cave up
my mirror to get a partitially working CD.

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