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Re: [Robert Bihlmeyer <robbe@orcus.priv.at>] Re: XEmacs 21.2 on the hurd

 No keys required; "telnet bittersweet.inetarena.com" will take you

 I put a netcat in my inetd.conf that tunnels you through from telnet
 incoming on bittersweet to telnet incoming on buttercup.  Ssh isn't
 ported to Hurd yet, so can't go that route, and `nc' works just as
 well anyways, for a proxy port to the inside of my LAN.  The telnet
 port is free since I don't run telnetd on bittersweet anyway.

 I will give root password too... and will try and set up individual
 accounts to those who asked.  I'll use your email name as both login
 and password; not very secure, but why worry about it?  Please change
 it as soon as you log in.  Give me time to set that up; I'll email
 this before I begin.

 Hmmm... once inside my LAN you can potentially do things you can't
 from outside it...  Sniffing my net is one; not much to see though.
 I'm ok with letting folks in for now.  I suppose if some HaXor kiDd1e
 getz inn and snarkleforks it, I'll have to just cut everyone off.
 What are the odds it will happen?  How paranoid should I be today?

 I suppose I could set up secure shell to a restricted account on
 bittersweet, then allow telnet from that, but this is easier and
 unless someone more expert at network security than me can point out
 a really good reason, I'll just leave it set up the way it is.

 It locks up a lot.  I've no x10 module for reboot; so if it locks and
 I'm not around, it will sit there until I am.  If you can make a
 cable from serial port on one machine to reset button on the other,
 we can make it rebootable...  but why bother.  I'm home a lot.

 When I run `apt-get install ,something', sometimes it locks.  With
 `apt-get -q install ,something' it seems more stable, but I get
 interrupted select errors and have to restart it... and it still
 locks the entire machine sometimes.

 I will put the XEmacs codes in "/usr/local/src/XEmacs", owned by
 root.XEmacs, directory sgid XEmacs.  I'll make ONE anoncvs checkout
 and everyone can share it...  GNU Emacs is installed; please use that
 and edit as yourself, not root, so that file locking works right and
 we at least know if two people are in the same place at the same
 time.  I guess just email patches to yourself to get them rolled into
 your own checkout?  Help me on this.  With no ssh on Hurd, you can't
 use auth agent forwarding; and you likely don't want your private key
 on such an open box.  Danger is two people change the same file and
 we get conflict going on...

 irc.debian.org (aka: irc.openprojects.net) #hurd is a good place to
 communicate in real-time to prevent that.

 Here's the pumpkin.  I'll go back to setting the machine up.

We should not penalize the conscientious to coddle those who run brain-dead software.
I am karlheg, of deB.ORG.  You will be freed.  Resistance is useful.
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