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Failing dependencies

Hi all,

I have sorted out my teething problems from last week, and now have two
working hurd installations - home and work. I'm trying to get things
fairly nicely set up, with a view to using both as development boxen in
the near future, and to that end I have a few questions, each pretty
small in their own right, I think. Also, I should say that I'm a Debian
newbie, which limits my knowledge of stuff like apt and dselect.

Anyway, here goes - hopefully someone will be able to help me :)

- I'm getting some failed dependencies at the configure stage on
packages that I can't find - is this normal? The three fails are CVS,
lynx and bsdutils - they depend, respectively, on debconf, debconf and
sysvinit, none of which I can find. Are these ignorable?

- /usr/include isn't found by default by gcc while compiling any
program. I've had to add -I/usr/include to get anything to recognise
normal glibc headers. Again, is this normal? If not, can I configure
something to have normal include directories found?

- My home machine has ppp access only to the outside world. What's the
status of ppp support at the moment, and is there anything I can do?

- One small, but (to me) annoying thing - ls --color works fine, so I
know that the mach terminal supports colours, but when I turn syntax
highlighting on in vim, it's monochrome. Is there a way I can change

- How can I set up multiple pseudo-terminals (a la Linux & FreeBSD) that
I can switch between with Alt-F[1-4], or whatever? The layout of
initscripts is quite different to what I'm used to - I'm sure this is
probably the easiest of all my questions :)

Aside from that, I'm pretty happy :) I'm sure that once I get used to
the way debian handles packaging I'll never go back :)

Thanks a lot,
		Dave Neary,
	Software engineer, Informix Dublin.
	Phone: +353-1-409-1357

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