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Re: Porting the Hurd to L4 (glibc dependencies, dropping glibc?)

On Sun, Oct 29, 2000 at 06:57:41PM -0500, Roland McGrath wrote:
> Perhaps there should just be another mailing for wild speculations about
> random development ideas tangentially related to the Hurd development
> effort.  Then I would read that one when I was in that kind of mood.  These
> lists really exist for concrete discussion of real problems with the
> existing code base and new code we expect to write in the immediate short
> term to solve specific problems people are having with using the Hurd in
> its current context.  That is the kind of discussion I am usually in the
> mood for when I have a little spare time to think about the Hurd.

I agree, I myself don't have much time to spend on Hurd development. And
I have to learn as I go along, and that slows me down as well. But I do
have ideas that I'm not willing/can't work on right away (that's the hacking 
part) but that would profit from some discussions (that's the talking part).

So that kind of list would be a good idea. For example it would redirect 
threads like the "filesystem-mimetypes extensions" that we had on debian-hurd 
a while back.


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