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libc0.2 problems

Hello all,
           I managed to compile gnumach from the sources(obtained from debian repositories with patch 7) and got rid of the booting problems.(It was hanging after detecting fd0). I am using the same /home partition as that used by GNU/Linux.
            I pulled the hurd sources from the cvs and tried compiling it. But the development tools like gcc, autoconf etc were missing. I downloaded gcc, m4, cpp, libc0.2 etc etc and instaled it. 
             Now after a reboot from GNU/Linux, the machine just froze after printing the following lines
hd0s4:bad access:block=28, count=2 ......
end request:I/O error, dev 03:04, sector 28

Is there any need to cross compile libc0.2 also, just like gnumach? I am having an Athlon system, and I guess, the fd0 freeze were reported by other Athlon users as well. Is a  recompile of libc0.2 is also needed?

Ramakrishnan M

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