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Re: stupid question

> HURD. The HURD implements a superset of Linux functionality so most
> software can just be recompiled to run on it. It should also be reasonably

just a stupid remark from someone who finally got the hurd running 
yesterday :
I installed the hurd by using the tar-file gnu-0.2.tar.gz
Due to the lack of virtual console, I set my first aim to install screen.
After downloading the .deb file from the Debian ftp site (and the associated
libncurses5, passwd ...) : no luck, segfaults.
I then downloaded the sources (again from the Debian ftp site) : compiled
fine, but still no screen running.
I suppose screen is far from being the easiest program to port from one OS
to the other, but it's just annoying to have a single terminal at a time.
Still trying to get this screen running :)
Thanks for the great work on hurd anyway.
Jean-Michel Friedt

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