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Re: Slow network, apt-get failing

>> From: Marc Singer <elf@buici.com>
>> So far, OK.  I have successfully installed the hurd and built a kernel
>> with just the drivers I need.  
>> I'm noticing a couple of anomolies:
>>   1) I use a Belkin, four port switch box to talk to my different
>>      machines.  Switching can be done from a button on the front of
>>      the device, or by quickly pressing  and releasing Ctrl-Alt-Shift
>>      and the pressing one of the number keys 1-4 to change to that
>>      CPU.  For some reason, I cannot switch away from the hurd
>>      console.  Moreover, I am greeted with a message about an
>>      unexpected key state when pressing the shift key after I've
>>      attempted to switch.

 This happens anytime the keyboard goes away, for any reason.
 It doesn't impair the operation of the system any, but it will occur
 regardless of the reason, whether via switch, unplugging the
 keyboard, or switching out of a virtual machine.

 I've been meaning to try a Raritan extender with multiple terminals
 ( extended mice, keyboards, and monitors ) just to see what it does
 under that scenario, but haven't gotten around to it.

 It's my opinion that this is an anomily that won't be seen by the
 majority of us, and something that can be delt with sometime
 after release 1.0.


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