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lprng and printers


I successfully compiled the lprng package on
the/for the Hurd.
Now that I want to use it:
Obviously there is no /dev/lp on the Hurd.
How do I set up my box that I can print?
I could not find this subject in the mailing
list so far.

My printer is well supported under Linux, it
is connected to the parallel port.
There must be support for the parallel port
on the Hurd since parallel Zip drives are

Any help would be appreciated,

bye, Martin.

P.S. In the "Hardware Compatibility Guide
for the Hurd" from Mr. Renn it only says
that printers which work with ghostscript
should work.
Simple text printing would be enough for me
right now (no postscript support necessary).

Martin Stenzel
Treskowstr. 53
D-13156 Berlin-Niederschoenhausen

E-mail: martin.stenzel@rz.hu-berlin.de

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