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>           can you please put up a document explaining the various concepts and
> real examples from say your implementation of tun device, on how to use the
> various interfaces like trivfs etc etc (or update these on the Hurd Reference
> Guide)? Programmers coming from Unix, who want to contribute to hurd, will
> benifit greatly from this. A Unix to Mach/Hurd migration guide sort of this
> should be very helpful also. Experienced Hurd hackers like you or Roland should
> do that so as to help out people like me who are coming from Unix programming.

The best manual is, of course, the source code itself.  Thus, start by
getting the hurd via cvs.  Go to http://subversion.gnu.org for information
on how to go about doing this.

Once you have obtained the hurd, go to into the doc directory.  You will
find a few files there including the hurd reference manual and also the
file `navigating'.  Read this file to learn a good way to approach your
learning of the hurd.

Note that you can find the mach reference manuals that it mentions at:

These provide a lot of the background that you will need, however, keep
in mind that they are a bit out of date and do not always apply
completely.  The principle example of this is the port name space:  in the
hurd, the port name space is the file system while in OSF/Mach, there is
a separate name space.

Best of luck,

Neal H Walfield
University of Massachusetts at Lowell
neal@walfield.org or neal@cs.uml.edu

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