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Re: GNU/Hurd on vmware

On Mon, 09 Oct 2000, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:
> >>>>> David R W Denny writes:

> The main issues when installing under vmware are the same as when
> installing on a machine that has no operating system on it at all.
> Philip Charles was working on some Linux-based Debian boot floppies
> that would install the Hurd.
> Otherwise, you'd need to install a Linux on the vmware virtual disk
> (with the virtual partitioning you want the Hurd to run
> under.... probably Linux root, Hurd root, swap, and maybe an
> additional Hurd partition (or disk) so that you can test filesystem
> bugs on a non-root filesystem), then follow the usual instructions in
> order to get the Hurd running.

Thanks for putting me right!

Best Wishes


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