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First Boot


This is my first attempted at a hurd install. I am at
a loss as to what to do right now, I am following the
"easy guide" and have gotten to the single user boot
step. I punch in all the right numbers, without
ie. root=(hd1,0), kernel=blahblahblah

well, when I type 'boot' the computer reboots. hah,
must be part female, always does what you tell it not

Anyway, I tried to boot again, and it gave me errors,
the same Bad or corrupt data while decompressing file
stuff I mentioned in an earlier email..

I am using grub 0.5.95, with 0.5.96 I couldn't even
make it this far.. I am using mke2fs 1.19, should I 
be using something before 1.15??

merry christmas.. Oh man I'm tired.. i'm going to
about hurd while i sleep

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