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RE: Help authoring KC Debian Hurd

> If anyone's interested in helping out, please contact me. I 
> estimate that a decent thread summary, for threads of average
> size on these lists, can be done in less than half an hour. 
> So it should be possible to make a significant contribution 
> without much effort.

The Kernel List and Kernel-Cousins lists on Linuxcare are
a great benefit.  I regularly check the Kernel list summaries
to keep up to date without having to read everything on the
Linux list.

This is a good opportunity for people who haven't yet achieved
Hurd Guru-dom to provide a real benefit to the Hurd community.
Can anyone help Zack out with this?  

After all, if you've seen this message, it means you are already
bothering to do 90% of the work ;-)



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