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Re: kernel panic/paging error

On Mon, Oct 02, 2000 at 10:58:12AM -0400, ryan.tecco wrote:
> 	my machine is a P133,32 MB RAM, 500MB free. connected
> 	to the hurd via rsh and ftp, after a while of transferring,
> 	i get on console:
> 	(default pager): dropped <SOMETHING> because of previous paging
> 	error.

You're out of memory. Buy a new stick or add swap! (running the hurd w/o
swap is not good).
> 	on another note: how does one install a newly cross compiled
> 	kernel on a hurd parition from a linux parition? will
> 	a 'make install' do this if the hurd parition is mounted into
> 	the filesystem?

For gnumach:

cp kernel /gnu/boot   # and specifying "/boot/kernel" in grub, instead gnumach.gz

In general:

make install prefix=/gnu

or wherever your mount point is.


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