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> > Also after going back through and rereading some messages I have saved I
> > realize that libstore is a good place to look for implementation ides for the
> > new pfinet. I guess once I fell confident enough I'll start there.
> Well, if you want to go for the real ideal solutiopn to the problem (the
> channel abstraction explained by Roland), then libstore is the analogy. But
> there is nothing that libstore has to do with this apart from being a good
> analogy, so libstore will tell you a lot about the Hurd, but nothing about
> pfinet or ppp.

This is exactly what I was looking at the thread where Roland mentions using
libstore as a reference and coming up with a channel abstraction. Then  Kalle
Olavi Niemitalo lays this out quickly and Roland says he is on the right
track (I can't find these messages archived on lists.debian.org other wise I
would've included the URLs, although I have my own copies). So I think I would
like to do something like that, but I am not as knowledegable abou the HURD
(yet) as you are.

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