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Problems making the Python debs on hurd.


	As I had promised, I tried making python debs under the hurd.
I had a problem compiling the sources.  The configure script tries to
search for a file called mach/cthreads.h, but this file is present in
/usr/include/ and not in /usr/include/mach/.  Because of this the
build fails beyond a point.  I have the foll. qns.

1) Is hurd the only OS to use mach/cthreads?  i.e. is this line in the
configure specific to hurd??

	a) If it is I can edit the configure, remove mach/ and tell
	the python debian maintainer to make this change.

	b) If it is not then is it ok to make a link from
	/usr/include/mach/ to ../cthreads (relative to
	/usr/include/mach ofcourse)?

Once this issue is solved I shall proceed with the build.


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